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120 General Pro Green Canvas Micarta Handle


• 420HC stainless steel blade
• Genuine leather sheath
• Black Phenolic handle with aluminum pommel/guard
• Edge 2X™ Technology
• Forever Warranty
• Made in the USA

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The long blade enhances the exquisite appearance, while creating a hunting knife that makes de-boning a lot simpler. Exclusive, elite, and luxurious, the General remains an exceptional
choice for a hunting knife or simply as a collectible. Either way,
it is a conversation starter.

• Overall Length: 12.0″ (30.4 CM)
• Weight: Phenolic: 8.3 oz (235.3 g)

• 7 3/8″ (18.7 cm) blade in 420HC stainless steel
• Buck’s cryogenic heat treatment process in specific temperature controlled atmospheres optimizes the steel’s strength,
edge retention, corrosion resistance, and sets the hardness to a Rc 58-60

• Black Phenolic handle with aluminum pommel/guard
• Genuine leather sheath


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