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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cherry Cutlery Drop Ship?


What is Proposition 65?

Some of the products Cherry Cutlery offers may fall under California’s Proposition 65. These Products are generally labeled with the following message: This Product May Contain a Chemical Known to the State of California to Cause Cancer or Birth Defects or Reproductive Harm. For more information on Proposition 65 look online.

Is There a Minimum Order for free shipping?

Yes, $50.00

How Long will items in my cart be saved?

Your cart will be saved until you check out or delete it. Please keep in mind that the quantity requested in your cart may not be available at checkout as stock is not allocated until checkout is complete.

Is our website safe and secure?

Our website does not collect or keep your credit card credentials. Your credentials are passed through our site onto Paypal. 

How Long does Shipping Take?

Normally 2 to 6 Days, Cherry Cutlery ship-out the same day up
to 2pm EST Monday – Friday

What Shipping Carrier does Cherry Cutlery use?

We use USPS and UPS

Does Cherry Cutlery Sharpen Knives?


Does Cherry Cutlery Repair Knives?


How Old do I have to be to order a knife?

In Michigan you need to be 18 years of age. Other states may vary. Check with State or Local online websites to get this information.

What is illegal to carry?

Best to check with State or Local online websites to get this information.

Are Case Knives and Buck Knives made in yes USA?

Yes over 90% of both brands are producedin the USA.

What do I do with a defective Knife?

All knives are under a manufacture lifetime warranty, unless stated otherwise. You can send your knife directly to the manufacturer anytime, or you may return it to us according to our Return Policy.

Can Cherry Cutlery mail me a Catalog?

If the manufacturers provide us with online catalogs, we can forward this to you. Please contact us to get on a online mailing list.

Does Cherry Cutlery Ship Internationally?


Does Cherry Cutlery charge a fee to use a Credit Card?


Does Cherry Cutlery Buy Knife Collections?