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Smooth Chocolate, Brown, and Red Richlite – Seahorse Whittler


  • Model No.: 13626
  • Pattern: Seahorse Whittler
  • Pattern Stamp: 10355WH SS
  • Handle Material: Rustic Red Richlite
  • Handle Finish: Smooth
  • Blade Type: Wharncliffe, Pen, Coping
  • Blade Length(s): 2.3 in, 1.5 in, 1.5 in
  • Lock Type: Non-Locking (Slip Joint)
  • Blade Material: Tru-Sharp™ Stainless
  • Blade Finish: Mirror-Polished
  • Closed Length: 4 in
  • Weight: 2.6 oz

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HANDLE – Rustic Red Richlite: Launched in 1943 in the Pacific Northwest, Richlite was originally used in the aerospace industry. Later, this paper-composite material was adopted by many diverse commercial industries – everything from furniture and cabinetry to mobile phone cases and even skateparks – because its ease of machining, durability and water-resistant construction. We’re proud to bring you this premium handle material to Case knives for the first time.

BLADES: Wharncliffe, Pen and Coping:
The Wharncliffe blade features a thick back for added strength, curving to a fine point that meets a straight-honed edge for extra control.
The Pen blade shape was originally designed to cut and sharpen turkey quills for use as ink pens. Today, it still makes a great blade for light-duty work.
The Coping blade commonly in carpenter’s knives to scratch lines in wood or other materials. It is also used for carving and whittling.
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