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Red & Black Micarta – Saddlehorn TB102110 SS


  • Mirror-polished Tru-Sharp™ surgical steel blades
  • Clip and Skinner blades
  • Smooth Black & Red Micarta® handle; Case Bar shield
  • Length: 3.5 inches closed and 2.0 ounces
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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Micarta® is the name originally given to this high-tech material by George Westinghouse, the famous pioneer in electrical engineering. The black and red colors pay tribute to the countless industries into which Micarta® has found its way; from aerospace to construction to railroads and even medical devices. And it can easily handle the rigors of everyday use as your next Case® knife, too.

The Saddlehorn knife is named for its distinctive handle shape that resembles the shape of a saddlehorn. The handle is designed to provide a secure grip and add extra leverage needed to cut, puncture, or trim layers of tough leather. This folding knife includes Clip and Skinner blades. The Clip blade is commonly used as a multi-purpose blade and preferred for detail work. The Skinner blade is ideal for skinning purposes among other different everyday demands.

This knife is constructed with Case Tru-Sharp™ stainless steel which is a special high-carbon steel that helps the blades hold an edge longer than conventional steel. It also offers extraordinary blade strength and corrosion resistance. Comes conveniently packaged in a box.

Made in Bradford, PA, USA from domestic and imported materials.


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